The photos you choose for your website are just as important as the overall design. Relevant and attractive photos keep your audience engaged and can be used to portray different ideas or products. While stock photos are great in some cases, you shouldn’t rely solely on these for your website. Great websites utilize cartoons, infographics, and other visual elements as well to help convey information about their products or services. These images are a great way to break up large boxes of text and highlight the selling points on your site.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Website Photos

Enhanced SEO

Every image on your website can be optimized with creative and friendly metadata and captions. Typically, the best way to utilize these text fields is to include your website’s keywords to ensure search engines can categorize your site in the index. The higher the keyword density, the more likely your site is to fall at the top of the SERPs.

Your images should also be the right size, responsive, and scalable for people who want to load your site on their mobile devices. Websites with colorful and engaging visuals keep users engaged for longer periods of time. When these are strategically placed on your site, they can break up large chunks of text and make your site easier to skim for those with lower attention spans. Utilize the alt tags and titles of your images as well to give search engines more information about your website and pages.

Convert Sales

If you want your web pages to sell your products, you have to supply them with professional product photos. People are browsing your site to find out more information about the things you sell and if they’re going to be useful to them or solve a problem for them. If they can’t gather enough visual information based on your current photos, they are likely to move on and go with a competitor.

Hire a professional and take a variety of photos that are clear, high-resolution, and offer users a 360-degree view of each item. These professional photos will help your site convert sales, receive a higher search ranking and drive more traffic to your site—all of which play a role in how reputable search engines consider your site.

Fuel Your Social Media

Nowadays, social media posts can be just as important as the text and images on your website. This makes the photos you share on social platforms important as well. On the backend of your site, you can set engaging photos to be shared automatically with each page or blog post. You can also post engaging product or service photos on your social channels and link them back to your website.

Some studies have shown that social media posts receive more engagement when they’re accompanied by a photo. These pictures, cartoons, and infographics can help your users scroll through your content easily, finding what they need, and then purchasing from your site, which is why they are just as important as the design and brand of your business.

Charley Grey Can Help Your Website Stand Out!

At Charley Grey, we love visual elements and understand that they are a key component of your website. They help tell the story about your brand and can bring a dull and boring website to life.

If you’re looking for a reputable website designer and developer, turn to the team at Charley Grey. We understand how essential the right photos, font, and design can be when it comes to your advertising and online marketing. Our digital geniuses are eager to help you, so contact us today for more information on our website management services.

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash