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You might be asking yourself “Why do I need to get more Google My Business Reviews? Do they even matter?” We can answer these questions in a single word – YES! Google puts reviews at the top of a Google search for a reason.

GMB reviews can boost your local SEO, help potential clients decide whether your business is a good fit, and tell Google you’re good at what you do.

The long answer to your questions is that if you want a strong presence on the web, you need to be getting more Google My Business reviews. The question is – how? In this blog, we will go over how to get more reviews from your customers.

A Look at the Statistics

If you don’t believe us yet, here are some statistics from Vendasta that might help you see why Google website reviews matter.

  • 40% of consumers determine their opinion of you by reading one to three reviews
  • 88% will rely on reviews as much as they rely on personal recommendations
  • 26% think that businesses should reply to their reviews
  • 23% will head straight to your business after reading good reviews

Be honest, have you ever based your opinion of a business off of their reviews? Then you can assume your customers are, too.

Don’t Be Afraid of Negative Reviews

In fact, you should embrace them! If you have only positive reviews, things can look a little fishy. 95% of consumers will assume your reviews are fake if they only see 5 stars and kind words.

A negative review every now and again isn’t so bad. It can help give you insight as to what you can do better as a team and gives you an opportunity to show that consumer – and others – that you genuinely care about their satisfaction.

5 Ways to Start Getting More Google My Business Reviews Today

  1. Just ask.

If you interact with your customers on a daily basis, the best way you can get more reviews is to ask. Have them leave you a review while they’re in the office or on the phone with you. A simple “Your feedback has been so insightful. We would really appreciate it if you left us a Google review so others could benefit from it as well!” Remember, this is important to do for both positive AND negative feedback.

If they’re in person, now is the time to help them navigate directly to your business’s review link or hand them a card with instructions. If they’re over the phone, send them a follow-up email with the link!

  1. Make the process easy.

You’re asking your customer to do you a favor. The least you can do is make it easy for them. Try leaving rack cards around the office with specific instructions and your Google review link, sending them a direct link, or have the link on your social media and website.

Make sure they know that you’re not asking for a novel – a simple “5 stars” will do. Bonus points if they use your business name, service name, or location. We’re doing this for the local SEO after all!

  1. Offer an incentive.

Everyone likes a small win, especially when it saves them money. Offer your clients or partners a discount in exchange for a review. If you opt to go this route, keep Google Business Review Guidelines in mind. This means that you have to ask everyone for a review equally, even if it results in a negative review.

  1. Put it in an email.

Put the link to leave a review everywhere. We’re talking in the signature of your emails, in an email campaign, in the footer of your website, in surveys, and on rack cards. Even a short “Happy with our service? Leave us a review here [insert link]!” will do the trick.

You don’t have to be in their face about it; subtle links will do.

  1. Make a trade.

If you work with other businesses, even if you are primarily a B2C business, ask your partners or vendors to leave you reviews. They have good insight into what it’s like to work with you, and as a thank you, you can leave a review for them.

Make Google My Business Reviews a Priority

Fact of the matter is, your Google website reviews play a huge role in your online success. This can be a huge advantage if you add Google My Business into your marketing strategies. Get more reviews by asking directly, making the process easy, offering an incentive, putting the link everywhere, and trading reviews. Your business will thank you!

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