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If there is one good thing about the internet, it’s the endless access to learning materials. No matter what subject you’re looking to dive into, Google has the resources. The problem is filtering through those resources.

When it comes to digital marketing, information on the World Wide Web can be contradicting. It’s hard to know which articles you can trust and which you can’t. To help you out, we’ve put together our list of the top 7 digital marketing blog – in no particular order – that you should be reading.

  1. HubSpot

If you’re already in the digital marketing world, then you’ve probably heard of HubSpot. Their blogs are in-depth and cover a lot of important marketing subjects – even down to closing a sale. They also give away a lot of free resources!

  1. The Moz Blog

Digital marketing relies on good SEO. This is The Moz Blog’s specialty! Their articles cover everything from SEO trends to implementation. No matter how seasoned you are – or aren’t – in the industry, the blog has valuable information for all levels.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s blog is like a giant, digital encyclopedia for all things web related. The site allows you to pick what you want to learn about. Subjects range from content marketing to e-commerce and email marketing to paid ads and social media. Regardless of what you’re trying to learn, there’s something here for everyone!

  1. Search Engine Journal

As anyone in the world of digital marketing knows, SEO is vital for the success of a website. Search Engine Journal goes in-depth on all the things you should be doing for effective search engine marketing. Their topics range from search engine algorithms to outranking your competitors.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

These days, digital marketing might as well just be called content marketing. It’s that important. So, The Content Marketing Institute created a blog that pulls all information on the newest trends and best practices into one place. Not a big reader? Just listen to their podcast!

  1. Copyblogger

As the name insinuates, Copyblogger is a great hub for all things content marketing. Filter through blogs giving advice on writing for micro-audiences, building online relationships with other writers, and staying up to date on current copywriting trends. If you’re a writer or looking to become one, this blog will be your best learning resource.

  1. Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is a digital marketing blog for anyone who wants to be two steps ahead. Blog posts cover topics such as predictions on where the industry is going and examples of good digital marketing tactics. In their words, they help you connect with your customers.

These 7 digital marketing blogs can provide you with reliable information so that you’re always one step ahead of the curve!

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