When it comes to designing a website yourself, nobody is going to tell you that you can’t. The question, rather, is whether or not you should. With so many methods at your disposal to create your own business website, a DIY website may seem like a good choice, but there are ways that this can actually hurt your business.

Hiring a professional website designer has its perks, and although it may seem like a better idea to save money and do it yourself, you may find yourself regretting this decision long term. Today, Charley Grey will be giving you five reasons why DIY websites can hurt your business and what you can do to ensure you have the best website for your business!

First Impressions Are Everything

The main reason that a DIY website can actually hurt your business is a fairly obvious one: first impressions are everything. As your business’s most important advertising tool, your website has to convey the same level of professionalism as your products and/or services.

When going the DIY website route, your best efforts may not be enough to grab a customer’s attention in a positive way without the necessary experience of a professional web designer. From the lack of an easy-to-navigate user interface to overlooked spelling errors, a quality web designer can make all the difference.

Time is Money

As a business owner, you are well aware that “time is money.” Every minute that you spend trying to create a quality website design is an additional minute spent away from your primary duties as a business owner.

Coding, building a website, and creating content for your website is time extensive and demanding. It makes the most sense, in terms of finances, to outsource these services to a qualified web designer. This will also mean that your website will be up and ready to receive your customers faster, as a web designer will be able to focus on the project and churn out positive results with ease.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While web design may seem pretty straightforward on a surface level, search engine optimization works behind the scenes and is just as important for the success of your business website. Ranking well in search engines such as Google is imperative for drawing visitors to your site, which is the basis of search engine optimization.

In order for your on-page SEO to rank competitively across your industry, you’ll need to have some knowledge of code. In a quick Google search of keywords pertaining to your industry, it is likely that the top-ranking websites hired a knowledgeable web designer or SEO expert to optimize their website for SEO rather than go the more complicated DIY route.

Security Concerns

If you decide to DIY your website, it is likely that you will be utilizing a DIY template in your efforts. While easier to customize, these DIY templates are, unfortunately, lacking in terms of security. The less security your business website has upfront, the more likely it will be hacked by cybercriminals. This can lead to significant financial loss, business downtime, and loss of personal information for your employees and customers.

When hiring a web designer, you are ensured to receive a web design that is optimized with the highest security measures. Professional web designers dedicate their time to creating a web design that is secure and more challenging for would-be hackers to compromise.

How to Get the Best Business Website Possible

As outlined, a DIY website comes with cons that can have a severely negative impact on your business. So how can you make sure your business website is professional, secure, and impressive to potential customers and clients? By hiring a skilled web designer like Charley Grey!

Founded in 2006, Charley Grey is focused on helping businesses attract new customers and maintain a strong online presence through smart web design and development practices. While you may think that a DIY website is a better choice as it frees you from having to pay an outside party, hiring a web designer is an investment in your most powerful form of business advertisement.

With Charley Grey, you will have an attractive web design that is built to last and ranks at the top of Google searches in your niche. Contact Charley Grey today to get a fully managed, professional, high-performing website!

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