Growing your web traffic is more than just appealing to the Google SEO algorithms. While ranking high in the search engines is a top priority, we can do things to accomplish this and still appeal to your visitors. Any business’s goal is to rank high enough that customers find your products or services more appealing than a competitor. While you could rely only on search engines and pay-per-click advertising, these methods aren’t always sustainable alone or for long periods.

As an organization that has serves clients with managed website services, Charley Grey knows a thing or two about SEO optimization and how to increase organic website traffic. So, we’re letting you in on some of our secrets and how we do this for our clients. Here are the four top ways we accomplish more website visitors and keep them engaged on each website.

4 Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

1. Write Web Copy for Your Audience

When it comes to writing your website copy, you should certainly know your audience. Before you ever publish a page, you should write out your ideal client’s persona and then write copy that they’ll respond to. Your market research should lead you to understand the unique challenges your customer is facing and the answers they’re looking for. When you write copy for your audience, you not only answer their questions and provide solutions to their problems, but you also naturally improve your SEO, especially locally. Organic traffic that finds your website is more likely to stay awhile and browse your site when you’ve written copy that speaks to them. Just remember to keep all of the relevant information at the top of your pages and grab your audience’s attention with each tagline or hero statement.

2. Take Advantage of Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to get people’s attention and keep them on your website. When people go looking for answers, they’ll type in specific questions or phrases, landing them in your lap through the blogs you write. With blogs, you can answer serious questions with more substance, educate people on the products or services you’re knowledgeable about, and build your organic website traffic. Blogging provides your business with an extensive catalog of content that’s specific to your market niche.

3. Interlink Content

With a hefty blog catalog, you’re able to interlink to other pages and other blogs within the new pieces that you write. This practice helps guide people to additional information on your website, keeping them on your site longer. Not only does this boost your SEO rankings, but it’s also an effective strategy in improving the user experience on your website. Thanks to interlinking, you can increase organic website traffic just by using the content you’ve already produced.

4. Build Your Email List

Yes, emails are still a thing, and yes, your business should be building its list. Emails are a great way to share VIP information and funnel people to your website. Emails also feel less invasive to people since they can control when and where they open your content. Emails also give you a chance to connect with your customers on a one-on-one level casually. Take advantage of emails to announce special promotions, provide discount codes and promotions, or survey your customers. All of these can take people to your website through links to landing pages or specific links to blogs that provide more information on the topic in your email.

Let’s Grow Your Organic Website Traffic

Trying to grow your organic website traffic can be challenging if you’re unsure how to go about it. When you entrust the team at Charley Grey with your web design and digital marketing, you can rest easy knowing you have a team of experts in your corner. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with high-ranking websites and optimized SEO. To learn how we can help you increase your organic website traffic, contact us today at (317) 207-2015.

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash