We get it – social isolation is hard! You’ve been feeling disconnected, cooped up, confused, and anxious. If you didn’t already consider yourself someone who enjoys structure and routine, you’re probably like us and rethinking that completely. Most people are looking forward to a more stable routine as the world begins to emerge from lockdown.

As a digital advertising agency, Charley Grey has been busier than ever, helping our clients navigate the digital world with a new website design and online strategy. We’ve been a constant provider of SEO, content, and social media, and now we’re here to provide insights on how we can all safely enter into the new normal. Here are some tips on recovering from social isolation.

How to Overcome Social Isolation

Returning to Work

For some, returning to work will be a relief. For others, it can spark another round of anxiety and trepidation. As states, cities, and workplaces reopen and recover from social isolation, adults everywhere will be facing new challenges. Returning to work means parents have to find daycare for their kids, take extra precautions to remain socially distant at work, and have a safety plan for isolation should they contract the virus.

For employers, reopening the office means certain safety precautions will need to be met to ensure their staff stays happy and healthy. Minimizing exposure should be at the top of the priority list, and the CDC offers a variety of tools and resources for business owners. Additionally, expectations for full-capacity production will need to be lowered, and mental health should be put at the forefront of managers’ minds. According to AgriLife Today, employers and co-workers should watch for signs of emotional impact.

“Signs someone may be struggling in their return to the workplace include changes in performance and productivity, such as missing deadlines, calling in sick frequently, absenteeism, irritability and anger, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, withdrawal from work activity, and difficulty with work transitions or changes in routines.”

Kids and Summer Activities

During these summer months, finding activities for your kids outside will probably feel a little easier than keeping them cooped up indoors. However, their safety and health should still be the top priority. So, before your little ones head outside to play or enjoy limited freedoms with friends, give them a few choices of safe and reasonable activities they can participate in.

Unfortunately, playgrounds remain off-limits for kids to play, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy other outdoor activities. Instead, steer them to local trails and open fields that provide plenty of distance between everyone yet can still allow for social interaction. Grab a kickball, soccer ball, or frisbee and enjoy a couple of games. Your kids can expel energy and still practice safe social distancing. However, some experts warn that with playgrounds off limits, people are flocking to nature trails and parks for entertainment.  When it comes to recovering from social isolation, teach your children to use their best judgment – if there’s not enough room to stand 6 feet apart, they should move on and find a new spot to play.

Social Distancing with Friends

Adults everywhere are anxious to get out of the house and reconnect with their social circles. While the virus may not be gone, closures and quarantine restrictions are slowly disappearing, allowing businesses and restaurants to reopen their doors. However, reconnecting doesn’t come without risks, and safety should still be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

If you plan to head out for that much-needed coffee date with a friend or want to hit up your favorite watering hole for a drink, keep practicing social distancing. While social interaction feels more than necessary after six weeks in lockdown, avoid hugging, touching, or sitting too close to one another. You should also wash your hands regularly and follow facemask requirements wherever you go. These measures are not just for your protection but for those around you as well. Socializing is a vital part of being human, but it’s important to remember that our world looks a little different now, and we can all do our part to stay sane and stay healthy.

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