Hi! My name is Courtney and I’m happy you’re here!

Let me tell you about my unique position and how I can help your neurofeedback training center.

For starters, I own a neurofeedback clinic just like you. I love brains, human behavior, and people that struggle with optimizing either. I’ve gone through the training myself, and so have my loved ones – so I know how beneficial brain training is!

I also own a digital marketing agency, which has been my bread and butter for the last 17 years. So, I know a thing or two about marketing businesses online.

Paths have crossed and the stars have aligned! I want to you take your neurofeedback clinic to the top of search results using the power of a great website!

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I’m offering you the chance to rebrand your neurofeedback website to improve your online awareness (and sales).
When I was working on creating my own website and marketing materials for my neurofeedback clinic, I quickly realized how limited resources and great content were on the internet. Most websites I found lacked visual appeal and spoke WAY over the heads of potential clients.

As a digital marketer, this doesn’t sit right with me! So, I found a solution and now I’m offering it to you: A website designed exclusively for your neurofeedback clinic by someone who knows exactly what you do!



My digital marketing team has created a library of neurofeedback websites designed specifically for clinics just like yours! Having a strong online presence is vital for businesses of all sizes, but it’s especially important for neurofeedback clinics. Let’s face it – If people can’t find you online, they’re not going to know a better solution to their mental health even exists.

Step 1: Choose Plan

Choose either a semi-custom website or go with a fully customized website – all managed by my team.


Semi-Custom Website

  • No upfront costs!
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Choose from 3 Layouts
  • $399/mo

Fully Customized Website

  • $2,500 onboarding fee
  • Up to 20 Pages
  • Fully Customized Website
  • $499/mo

Step 2: Tell Us More About Your Clinic

You’ll fill out a pre-discovery form which helps me and my team get to know you before we chat about the next steps for a managed website subscription. It also helps us prepare the right sample to show you ahead of time.

Step 3: Schedule a Call with Courtney

During your discovery call, we’ll clarify any questions we have about your neurofeedback clinic and answer any questions you may have before moving forward.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

Listen, I get it! Marketing your clinic is expensive and time-consuming. But this is where I’m hoping you’ll take advantage of a unique solution. How many neurofeedback clinic owners do you know who also have 17+ years of experience in digital marketing and website management? Probably not many.

I think we can all agree that the neurofeedback marketing resources and materials out there currently aren’t that great. But I want to change that! People deserve to know about neurofeedback and your clinic – So let’s put you out there on the world wide web!

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Why Charley Grey over the Other Guys?

Our websites are fully-managed by our staff. You no longer have to worry when it’s time to update your website. ALL of our websites come with  On-Page SEO, Responsive Mobile Design, Google Analytics Reporting, Daily Backups, and more.

Also, our process is as easy as…

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We ask the right questions, research your market, and uncover your brand’s true message to bring your vision to life.

design icon


Every project and campaign is different. We uniquely design everything around your goals and what works best for your brand.

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We proudly launch your project that best communicates your story and amplifies your brand.


I currently hold an active Registered Nurse license in Indiana, I’m also a Certified Brain Health Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. All of this wrapped up together make me the perfect mental health advocate.

You can choose between any of our three pre-made website templates. We then make minor customizations that include adding your logo, your company address, and adjusting copy to include the name of your clinic throughout the website. Further copy changes are not permitted, but you can always move to our Fully Managed Plan and customize the entire thing.

Unfortunately, we’re currently not offering the option to add more pages to a pre-made site. The site already comes with 10, done-for-you pages that cover all the neurofeedback topics including why people should choose neurofeedback and the common mental health concerns neurofeedback training addresses.

For the pre-made sites, there is no onboarding fee. For the Fully Managed Plan, you pay a one-time onboarding fee of $2,500 and then $499/month.

If growing your clinic and patient roster is a goal for you, then you’re going to need a well-designed managed website. Think of your new website as a digital storefront – If people can’t find you, they’re not going to do business with you. So, if you want to stop relying on patients off the street or through word-of-mouth, then let’s chat!
For a pre-made site, we will need one week from our Discovery call to get your site ready and live. For all custom sites, we need 3-6 weeks.

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