As a business owner, you’re busy! To help you save time, you’re always on the hunt for another timesaving app on your phone or tablet. You’re on the go, so you need something that will help you stay organized, on task, and know what’s happening with your business and teams.

With all the websites that we manage at Charley Grey, we understand the importance of efficiency and timesaving tricks. Not only do these save us time and energy, but they also keep us connected and help keep everyone on the same page for the duration of a project. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Our Favorite Time-Saving Apps


As a digital agency, tracking project flow and time management are crucial to understanding how fast we can get a project done or how quickly it takes our team to complete tasks. Toggl is a great hour tracker and allows our team to categorize tasks under each client according to web management, social media, and more! With Toggl, you can include as much description as necessary for each job, enter or edit your time, and produce detailed reports of time spent each month. For those looking for an easier way to track employee hours or freelance time, Toggl is just one of our favorite time-saving apps that will increase your productivity on the backend, especially when it comes time to pay your people or invoice clients for hours worked.


Another one of our favorite time-saving applications is Sync. Hard drive and file storage space on a computer can fill up quickly with all of your business files and client documents. Traditional Google cloud storage and iCloud storage may not always be accessible, reliable, or secure, so Sync is your go-to. Sync storage is great for sharing files between team members, allowing them to find everything they need quickly and efficiently. It’s also a great way to stay organized when you need to access all of your business files from anywhere. What’s even better is Sync automatically backs up your data and storage, so you can rest assured that nothing is ever gone completely.


If you manage social media accounts for clients (like us!), or you manage your company pages, Zoho’s social media management is an excellent tool for your business. Not only does this time-saving app allow you to schedule content and monitor accounts on your phone, but you can also monitor things your social media posts from a web browser. You can use the calendar scheduling feature to create content for later, move scheduled posts around for other days, and track specific analytics. Zoho improves your productivity at work, and it can also be a timesaver when you need to check on your accounts at a glance. Zoho also has tons of other outstanding business features, including CRM, email, and file management.


Whether your team is remote or in the office, tracking project progress and assigning tasks is easy when you use Asana. Like our other favorite timesaving apps, Asana can either be accessed on your phone or through a browser. Each team member even receives an email notification when you’ve assigned them new tasks. You can easily categorize projects, create a list of subtasks, and share files and client information all in one place. This app prevents your teams from switching between multiple platforms for information and allows business managers and owners to see what still needs to be accomplished.

Save More Time with Charley Grey

If you think these apps could save you time and increase your productivity, imagine what you could do when you let Charley Grey manage your website. Too often, business owners or internal marketing teams manage the site, which means things can easily fall through the cracks. Avoid headaches, mismanagement, and constant worry when you let us take care of it all. Give us a call at (317) 991-1982.

Photo by David Grandmougin on Unsplash