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How to Respond to Google My Business Reviews

As a business owner, it’s crucial that you respond to Google My Business reviews – both good and bad. In fact, studies have shown that responding to customer reviews can significantly boost your ratings.

It’s one thing to understand the importance of responding, but knowing how to respond? That’s a different story. Keep reading for the ultimate guide on how to respond to positive and negative Google My Business reviews.

How do you respond to a positive review?

Everyone loves a good pat on the back. But unfortunately, positive reviews don’t quite generate conversation like negative reviews do. Therefore, online effort on the part of the business is often saved for damage control.

Just because a positive review doesn’t quite need tending to like a negative one does, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little TLC too. Good reviews create passionate returning customers.

Here’s how you should respond to positive reviews:

  1. Make it Personal

Always address your customer by their name. It creates a sense of knowing and besides, who doesn’t like hearing their own name? By using the reviewer’s name, you are activating their brain and creating a personal connection.

  1. Give Thanks

It’s important to brand your business as one that values appreciation and not just criticism. Although this seems like common sense, businesses often overlook good reviews.

You can’t except your customers to appreciate your business if you do not show appreciation in return.

  1. Set Your Brand Apart

Although saying thanks is important, your response to positive reviews can set your business apart. What makes your brand different? Think outside of the box here! Maybe offer them a coupon or discount (hello returning customer), add a coupon or discount for them and a friend, or offer to let them test a new product.

How do you respond to a negative review?

Responding to negative reviews can create a rabbit hole – yes. But, not responding to negative Google My Business Reviews can brand your business as not caring.

Negative reviews give you a chance to better your brand and make improvements to customer service. The criticism should be welcomed!

Here’s how you should respond to negative reviews:

  1. Internalize the Feedback Before Responding

A negative review has a lot of power. 85% of potential customers base their opinion of your business off of your Google reviews. So rushing into responding with a hot head can do more harm than good. Remove the emotions before answering.

  1. Respond Directly to the Comment

It may be tempting to privately reach out directly to the reviewer – avoid the urge. It’s essential that anyone reading your reviews see that your business is attentive to concerns. Responding digitally can lead to increased ratings, despite the negative review.

  1. Provide Empathy and Offer Solutions

Don’t waste your customers time. People can see right through ingenuine, quick replies. Your response should affirm their feelings, offer an apology, and suggest a solution that makes it right.

You might even need to add contact information to follow up with customer personally. Remember, you’re trying to show that you genuinely care and are empathetic to the reviewer’s adverse experience.

Responding to Google Reviews – Summed Up

Your response to your Google My Business reviews sets the tone of your brand. Customers are only as loyal as your recent reviews. So, each of your responses – to negative and positive reviews – should be individualized, apologetic and/or appreciative, and provide additional value.

If you respond in this way, you can feel confident that your Google My Business reviews will increase your online ratings and boost your customer loyalty.

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