Redesigning your website might seem like a simple task, but it rarely is. In fact, a redesign can take just as long as starting from scratch and negatively impact your SEO rankings. Some clients think a redesign should be no problem, but it can actually cost more time and money. Thankfully, with the knowledge and help from the team at Charley Grey, you don’t have to do it alone.

In the initial phases of a redesign, we like to get inside our clients’ heads to find out why they’re making this request. What’s the problem? What’s the end goal? We often find that when we understand the problem, we can understand the purpose and help guide our clients through the right process of achieving said goal. Sometimes a redesign isn’t always necessary, and sometimes it’s the best option. Here is what you need to know.

When to Consider a Website Redesign

1. The Web Changed Before You Did

Changes on the web happen all the time, but determining the difference between trends and what’s here to stay can be challenging. If you missed the mark on having a responsive web design because you thought it was just a buzzword, then it’s likely time for a website redesign. If you want to pay attention to future trends, look for them to meet two of the following:

  • Does it improve accessibility?
  • Does it improve performance?
  • Does it lower the maintenance effort?

2. Design Flexibility Sucks

Design flexibility is one of the most critical aspects of your website. Good design allows you to move forward more quickly without getting in the way of your progress. A good design will speed up decision-making, leave room for experiments, and is easy to maintain. When your site has a good design, it gives you flexibility but also comes with a set of rules and limitations. The visual side and technology side should work together, not against each other. If you’re looking to achieve better design flexibility, think in terms of systems. Create a system that allows a designer to change the color of a button and a developer to design a new page without competing.

3. You Have Never Updated

If you’ve never updated your website or it’s been ages, it’s likely to be due for a redesign. We get it, you’re a business owner, and you’re busy running the show, but don’t forget your website! Your website runs the show for you on the Internet and deserves a boost every once in a while. In either case, updating your design can improve user experience and let your audiences know that you’re serious about their business. You have a great product or service to sell, so why not make it visible with a fresh new look on the web? A new design might even give you a leg up on the competition. They may not be ready for a redesign, so you can blow them out of the water.

When Not to Consider a Website Redesign

1. It Feels Outdated Only to You

As a business owner, you’re likely on your website regularly, scanning the pages for errors and making sure the entire thing looks appealing. But with so much exposure, it’s not uncommon for you to get burnt out by the design and start to pick items apart or want to make changes. However, you need to remember that not every customer views your website as much as you do, and the spark of your website isn’t lost on them. If your site is getting visitors every day, then that’s a good indication the design is working just fine.

2. A Competitor Launched a New Site

Capitalism and business ownership is all about keeping up with the competition. We get it. But don’t blindly follow the other guys when they launch a new website, feature, or update. Remember the trends we talked about above? Your competition may not realize they’re falling for something that will be obsolete in six months. Instead, look at their site and consider why they wanted a redesign or what problem they’re solving and if you’re having the same problem. If you can’t seem to find the answers, then you’re not ready for a redesign.

3. It’s Performing

Why mess with a good thing? If your website is performing and you’re getting traffic, sales, leads, etc., then a redesign doesn’t make sense. Often, we have to look at our clients and flat-out tell them “no” because their website is doing spectacularly just the way it is! We know how tempting it can be to change something that seems so small, but on the back end, it requires a lot of time and effort. If your site is doing well for your business, avoid falling into the pit of thinking that you need to change something just because you want to.

Ready for a Website Redesign?

If you’ve read this blog and still feel as if your company would benefit from a website redesign, then let’s get started! Charley Grey will assess your website and determine the best solution. If you’re looking to hand over your website’s reins, you’re the perfect candidate for our managed website services. Call us today at (317) 659-7587.

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