Your website design aims to attract, keep, and convert customers. You expect the user experience to be flawless, engaging, and eye-catching. Each year, design trends change, and as we look ahead to 2021, Charley Grey is getting a jump on things. We’re continually improving our systems and processes, as well as our design methods.

While past trends have suggested more complexity and hi-tech fancy website features, 2021 web design indicates the exact opposite. Instead, companies are spending more time blending digital with ordinary life. Here are a few web design trends you can expect from 2021. 

5 Web Design Trends for 2021

1. Personalized Information Based on Geolocation

It’s no secret that geolocation pages and content matter to SEO. Most advanced websites track browsing history and where their leads are coming from. If you don’t have geolocation pages or personalized content for each location, you could be missing a huge segment of the market. Custom content created for returning users or repeat customers is a great way to accomplish this. Some examples include when you look for restaurants near you in Google or return as a ‘trusted’ device when logging into your bank. Personalized content is more important for e-commerce websites and can be accomplished by displaying saved items, recently viewed, or order status. We look for this website design trend to take off in 2021 and into the future.

2. Endless Scroll Features

Thanks to social media, most of us are used to the endless scroll. While this seems like a lazy and straightforward way to structure your website design, it’s actually one of the top web design trends for 2021. This means your website could very well supply all people need to know with one long web page. However, this design won’t be right for everyone, especially if you have product pages or explain your services in great depth. Still, giving it some thought and appealing to the need for endless scrolling could be beneficial.

3. Chatbots

If we learned anything in 2020, it’s that open-door communication with your customers is essential. If you didn’t have another way of reaching people, you likely missed out or struggled with selling and staying in business. Thanks to chatbots on websites, customers can easily find answers to their most common questions, order their favorite products, and get more information on services. Chatbots make it easy to remain open, even if it’s after hours or if your physical doors have now closed. Also, millennials and Gen-Z would much rather chat through a bot than pick up the phone and call your business. So, having a chatbot on your site guarantees you remain available to the younger generations. Chatbots are likely to stick around even when other web design trends fall off.

4. Comfortable Colors

Given today’s work environment, most people spend time on a computer all day, every day. Eye strain often becomes an issue for many, leaving them with tired eyes, headaches, and feeling unmotivated. Web designers have taken this fact to heart and are now creating websites with more comfortable colors. In 2021, designers will begin to venture outside the realm of white or dark backgrounds and shift to more pastels like greens, blues, warm browns, and light pinks. These colors also induce calm and relaxation, giving them another edge over other colors.

5. Micro Animation

Finally, the last of the 2021 web design trends is micro animations. Guiding your web visitors through your website is part of the experience. Micro animations can help you do just that. As the name would suggest, micro means small yet impactful movement of elements. These animations can also add a level of playfulness and excitement to your website, making it more appealing for people when they visit. It’s also a great way to pique their interest and take your products or services seriously.

Let’s Design Your Website

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Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels