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Use These 5 Questions to Define Your Target Audience

Saying that your business targets anyone is too broad and so is saying that you are just targeting moms. Your target audience should be a very specific market that allows you to make the most of your marketing dollars and create a brand message just for your niche market. If you’re having trouble honing in on your specific market, here are 5 questions to ask to help you define your target audience.

  1. How old is your ideal buyer?

Your product isn’t going to be for all age groups and that’s okay. You wouldn’t sell a high-brand car to a 16-year-old – would you? To know how to market, decide what age range your current and future customers are. Part of figuring this out is also deciding which age demographic is able to be a repeat purchaser.

  1. Where do they usually live?

To better target your audience, you need to know where they are. Yes – even for social media marketing! If you only offer services in one city, then it won’t matter if someone from a different city sees your ads. Knowing where your target audience lives mean that you’ll be able to narrow down the area to which you’re advertising ultimately saving you money!

  1. Are your customers generally men or women?

Once you know the age group and their location, you need to decide whether you serve mostly men or women. If you’re selling men a product you probably wouldn’t use pink colors and scripted fonts. As a whole, men would be less likely to look twice at your marketing if they saw that.

If you serve both men and women, you may need to approach advertising to each gender in different ways.

  1. Where do these people get the most of their information?

Depending on their age and gender, your customer is going to get their information in different ways. Younger age groups will be most exposed to ads on social media platforms. While older generations will be more likely to see your marketing efforts if they are on the T.V., or in print. Figure out what news outlets your target market uses to get their information.

  1. What content works best for them?

Likewise, Facebook has become one of the most used social media platforms in the world. If your prospective customers are using Facebook then – great! – by all means, use Facebook video ads. But if your clients aren’t on Facebook than your efforts and money would be more effective elsewhere.

Understanding Your Target Market

To determine your target audience, consider your ideal customer’s age, location, gender, information sources, and what content they will be most influenced by. By using these 5 simple questions, you can clarify your content strategy and make the most of your marketing budget.

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