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It’s going to take some time and work on your company’s part to help everyone feel safe and happy in the workplace again after the year we all just had. The truth is employee morale has lowered since last year. Pandemic life was tough, and this year didn’t necessarily start on the positive note that everyone had hoped it would. Even though things are starting to return to normal, you can’t expect employee morale to just miraculously bounce back to what it was before 2020.

“Employee morale isn’t just a translation of how happy each of your workers are individually; it’s also a direct reflection of how healthy your company and its culture is overall.”

The Importance of Employee Morale

Happy employees are critical to a positive workplace. We hear all the time about companies revolutionizing their workplace and boosting morale in the process. While one company has a slide and a ball pit, another has an open plan, glass only office, and your buddy works at a place with a free breakfast bar. All good possibilities and solutions in the game of “Let’s Boost Employee Morale”, right? Why so important? Because boosting morale at work will help increase employee engagement and performance, which will impact business performance positively. BOOM…a win-win!

Good news: if morale is a little low, there are solutions. There are many things that contribute to employee morale and several different ways that you can help to improve it if you feel like it’s sinking. So, allow us to present to you…

7 Great Tips to Boost Employee Morale

1. Train Your Managers to Coach

Managers should search for the unique talents in each of their employees and then coach their employees. Build upon those talents. One of the best ways to do that is to help employees align their own intrinsic motivations and goals with the mission of the company. When employees feel as though their own personal mission aligns with what the company is trying to achieve, they’re much more likely to be productive and work towards their goals.

2. Give Feedback and Lots of It

Morale can drop if your employees don’t know you appreciate their performance. Possibly nothing is more important to good company culture than your employees feeling like they are important and appreciated. Take interest in your employees’ work and give them your honest feedback, which lets them know that you want them to advance. In this kind of supportive environment, employee morale peaks.

3. Check In Regularly

Communication is one of the best ways to bolster employee morale. When employees feel free to communicate, they’re much more likely to feel supported by management.

4. Invest in Wellbeing

Well-being is crucial for your employees’ morale. For example, during the COVID-19 crisis, employees were worried, stressed, and uncertain about their future. That’s why many organizations went the extra mile to boost their employees’ morale. Employee wellbeing initiatives such as mental health workshops or friendly competition in fitness goals among teams will create a sense of belonging in your employees.

5. Foster the Fun + Team Build

Find ways to have small breaks during the day and let employees decompress and have a good time. When at work, they don’t need to be working around the clock consistently. Not allowing fun and relaxation is also a way to burn out your employees much more quickly. Giving employees something fun and interesting to do can be a real stressbuster.

6. Dish Out Opportunities for Growth

When your employees don’t see themselves advancing their careers in your company, they might feel stuck and less motivated to work. Consequently, they will not believe in an organization that does not help its employees grow with it. So, promote from within! Your employee morale and motivation for work will be at their highest if people know they are at a company that will recognize their effort and promotes them.

7. Set Goals

A big obstacle to high employee morale is not knowing which direction employees should go, what their goals are, and how they fit into the company’s vision. If they are orienting their work towards goals, employees work to meet them and derive a sense of pride and happiness in fulfilling their goals.

Take extra measures to help improve your employee morale and get them back on track.  Your company will not have long-term success if employees don’t feel supported, encouraged, motivated, and productive in and of themselves. And high morale is one of the best ways to foster all these traits.

Charley Grey Can Help Boost Morale

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