Your LinkedIn Company Page is a destination where people can really get to know your brand. Not only that, but it’s the world’s largest professional network on the internet! You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career. Good news! You can access LinkedIn from a desktop, LinkedIn mobile app, mobile web experience, or the LinkedIn Lite Android mobile app.

Sure, people can get an overview of your products and services, but the key function of a company page is to attract and interact with your audience. If you treat the page as a dynamic marketing tool (rather than a static “About Us” page), you can establish thought leadership, build brand awareness, and move your audience to take action.

What are the Advantages of a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn company page helps you network and prospect for quality sales leads, but it also establishes your public image on a global scale as a reputable and trustworthy organization. Among the advantages of using LinkedIn for business, a company page provides your business with the opportunity to tell your company’s story, engage with followers, share career opportunities, and scale your word-of-mouth marketing. Additional benefits include:

  • Showcasing new products or services you’ve developed
  • Setting yourself apart from your competitors
  • Creating attractive and shareable content that benefits your audience
  • Checking on what your competition is doing
  • Finding potential employees who can make a powerful contribution to your business success

One of the most outstanding parts of LinkedIn is that the pages focus on the brand, not the individuals within the brand. This allows your brand to have a human touch and identity separate from any people within the organization. Relying on the personal brand of one person can be dangerous; if they leave the company, you can lose a big part of your brand identity. So what components are needed for a successful company page? Let’s dive in…

5 Must-Haves for Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

1. Your Logo

Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised. According to LinkedIn, company pages with logo images get six times more traffic than those without. The logo also appears when people search for your company, as well as on the profiles of your employees. Your logo image should be 300 x 300 pixels.

2. On-Brand Banner Photo

Your banner or cover photo should convey your company’s image, message, personality, or all the above. Depending on the audience you hope to reach, you can choose a photo of a customer using your product or service, show a recent campaign or brand message, or give visitors a glimpse into your workplace and office culture. Your cover image should be 1192 pixels wide by 220 pixels high, though LinkedIn recommends 1536 x 768.

3. Rich Media

AKA: no bad or blurry photos. Social media across the board has moved to a visual-based communication source. The fact is, images and video can grab attention better than the most finely crafted headline. Make your company page visually compelling by adding non-stock, non-dull images to all your updates.

4. Use of the 4-1-1 Rule

This rule says that for every single piece of content you share about yourself (or your organization), share an update from another source, and most importantly, share four pieces of content written by others. This rule helps keep your feed centered on your audience’s needs rather than making it a place for your organization to talk about itself. You’re selling your brand and your voice in addition to your services. So, for every post you link to from the company blog, share multiple helpful, valuable posts from around the web.

5. Consistent Short and Sweet Posts 

You only have a few seconds to entice your followers to click on an update, so don’t be coy – tell your audience exactly what’s in it for them in as few characters as possible. We recommend 150 characters or fewer. Use those characters to add spice to the update. Ask a thought-provoking question, point out a feature of the content you’re linking to, or even stir up a little controversy.

Charley Grey Can Help Give Your Brand a Human Touch Through LinkedIn

Although many people view the social media site LinkedIn only as a site for job hunters and for growing your professional network, LinkedIn is an equally effective tool for generating new business leads and nurturing relationships. The Huffington Post revealed that 84% of users generated several business opportunities from the use of LinkedIn. At Charley Grey, we not only design, build, and manage high-performing websites for businesses, but we manage social media platforms within our VIP subscriptions. Want your business to have more exposure? Give us a call and let’s get started: (317) 659-1982.

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