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About Us

Our Story

In 2006 the dream of providing business owners with a clear and consistent brand, a visually appealing look, and most of all a website that attracts potential and existing customers, came to life. Since that time, we have helped countless businesses focus on development and growth instead of worrying about how to format their homepage. As with any great agency, it is crucial to our existence to remain flexible along the way as we respond to the every-changing landscape of modern marketing and website development.

Our Mission

We build and manage high performing websites for the business owners who want to focus on running their business.

Our Team

We are a powerhouse team filled with enthusiastic motivators, dreamers who make dreams come alive, visual artists, dedicated story tellers, font and web nerds, creative writers and Mexican food eaters. You won’t hear “that’s not my job” among this crew because the team player mentality runs deep. We work hard and play hard. We inspire. We produce results that leave our customers high-fiving and asking for more. We are Charley Grey.

Courtney Boyer

Owner, Inspirational Enthusiast, RN, Personality Test Junkie

Started Charley Grey in 2006

She’s a business owner, a mom, nurse, accountant, human connection addict, and current student completing a Bachelor in Psychological Science.

What a slacker, huh?

Born in Speedway, Indiana, Courtney started her career in the computer networking industry. When being a young female in a very male dominated field (and the occurrence of a 911 call) failed her in the way of employment, she entered into accounting and remained there until leaving corporate America in 2006 to stay at home and raise her newborn daughter, Charley. Well. That only lasted 6-week before she got antsy and started her first business: a bookkeeping business because, well…numbers are her thing! This experience and the company itself is what has morphed over the last 12 years into what it is today – a managed web and digital marketing agency.


Her passion and life mission is to help people and businesses become the best versions of themselves. There is nothing that brings this perpetual optimist more joy than to see a client grow and become successful. Her beautiful kids Charley (12) and Grey (5) helped name the company in 2014.

Give this woman ANY instrument and she’ll be able to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. Give her just about any book and she’ll read it. Give her a plate of tacos and she’ll devour them. And give her any new concept and this lifetime learner will study it.

Sean Sewell

Creative Director, Website Developer, American Idol contestant

Charley Greyer since 2015

Once participating in a synchronized swimming performance in college to the Backstreet Boys isn’t Sean’s only hidden talents, folks! Hand this guy a web-related challenge, and he’ll take care of it!

After Sean’s days as a horseback instructor, he landed at Charley Grey and has been a vital contributor to our growth. From SEO to programming to creating the best case studies this side of the Mississippi, Sean is our go-to guy for all things related to the World Wide Web. He is passionate about getting clients results. And Mexican food, which doesn’t have to do with anything other than maybe it does if you have extra guacamole to share?

When the work hat comes off, the Dad hat goes on. He’s the proud, rock star role model Daddy to his little leading lady, Adeline age 2, who keeps him busy with tea parties and playground adventures.

Jenny Boling

Marketing Specialist, Content Writer, Tree Hugger

Charley Greyer since 2016

From sales to promotional products to printing to nonprofit event planning and fundraising to publishing to social media to content creation to marketing strategies…our girl Jenny has gotten her feet wet in a lot of different areas of business and marketing throughout her career. She has earned the reputation of being an organized gal with good communication and strong written word. Jenny relishes in the efforts of helping businesses market whatever it is they are offering so that they have more time to focus on their mission and client growth. Who doesn’t want someone like THAT on his or her team?

When she’s not on the marketing clock, Jenny can be found in the kitchen cooking (her passion), spending time with her family and friends (her tank-filler), working out (her key to sanity) or having living room dance parties with her family of 5 (her greatest joys). Her 3 little boys, Quincy (6), Grady (4) and Sonny (3) keep her on her feet. Literally, she never sits down. There’s always time for super heroes, Hot Wheels tricks, soccer ball kicking and little dude shenanigans. She and her husband Matt live in Meridian Kessler and are huge lovers of their church, their neighborhood and their craft beers and cocktails.

Daniel DeBoni

Content Strategist, Collegiate Track and Field Record Setter and National Qualifier

In case you missed it in the 2012 Goshen News, Danny and three of his fellow high school classmates established their school’s first business-marketing club when tasked with re-branding the school’s outdated campus bookstore. This unique opportunity actually gave him his first hands-on experience applying his creative ideas, leading advertising and marketing campaigns, social media, logo design, producing video and print advertisements, and market research. I mean…did Goshen groom him for a position at Charley Grey, OR WHAT?!?!

“I believe words can change the world!” Danny once stated at a national conference held at the White House when speaking about the value of business communication (and by “national conference held at the White House”, we actually just mean he said that to us once. But didn’t that sounds cool?). As someone who is constantly trying to find ways to reach and connect with audiences using non-traditional methods of communication and design, he has always been complimented for thinking differently than other people.

He’s also always been complimented on his track and field skills when he set 5 school records at Huntington University, was a 2 time national qualifier, then ran Big 10 track at Indiana University (Go, Hoosiers!) for one of the nations most elite Track & Field programs.

Alisha Blankenship

Graphic Designer, Social Media Expert, Dog Lover

Charley Greyer since 2017

Alisha joined our team at the very end of 2017. After learning that she went to college full time, worked full time, all whilst in the midst of purchasing a new home, we knew that this girl had some drive.

She gets totally geeked out by the newest trends in software. And we love that she does. Her unique style and use of typography enables her to stand out from the crowd, helping make all the pieces work together. “What I do, in my eyes, is create the most beautiful puzzle without any of the pieces.”

You’ve heard of “the cat lady”, yes? Well Alisha here might just be “the dog lady” who dreams of winning the lottery, buying a nice house in the country, and rescuing or adopting as many dogs as possible without looking crazy. A lover a small-towns who’s lived in the same 15-mile radius her whole life, she bakes up sweet treats as a way to relief stress and lives with her boyfriend, 12-year-old English Black Lab, and 17-year-old Peek-a-Poo (a Pekinese Poodle). All three of them shed.

Jedidiah Herrmann

Executive Assistant, Hot Dog Lover

He’s quick, he’s efficient, and he’s professional. He’ll take care of all the things before you even realized you needed it taken care of. Always five steps ahead of the game, Jed is our do-to-all (and with a smile) guy that every growing business needs.

Coming from the food management industry, Jed has been a business manager for over 14 years. He is passionate about providing a great atmosphere and experience in all areas he touches, and has a special gift in working with all types of people and personalities.

No, he’s not for hire. Hands off…he’s ours!

He’s married with two children, Addison (8), and Nolan (5), and as a Star Wars junkie he just loves that fact that the first four letters of his name spell JEDI.

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